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Agentrics Webinar Highlights Need for Store-Level Collaboration

Collaborative Localization: Visibility at the Store Shelf

Agentrics' webinar hosted with "Stores" magazine, one of the largest retail publications in the United States, educated 150 attendees - from retailers to suppliers-about the need for store-level collaboration in the supply chain market to support localization programs. These programs help retailers build assortments in their stores to reflect local community needs, rather than standardizing product assortments throughout the country.

Agentrics NeoGrid's Collaborative Management Inventory (CMI) solution, which is currently breaking into the North American market, helps maintain a strong, collaborative link between buyers and suppliers to create a great experience for customers with the right product mix and availability at local stores, according to Bob Rossman, Agentrics vice-president of North- American market development, who presented the webinar.

"Our intention is to help suppliers understand the need for detail about products at customer level," says Rossman. "Our CMI solution provides information to suppliers that helps them understand how products are performing at different locations, so they can maximize sales everywhere and avoid out of stocks."


If you haven't attended the webinar yet, please click here to register and view.



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