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NeoGrid is expanding its channel network to reach new regions and markets. We offer very attractive conditions and great opportunities. The program is based on a win-win relationship, one of the founding principles of the company. We have a dedicated structure to support the channels in all activities, making the adaptation process easier and the financial return faster.

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合作伙伴 - CEA
Consumer Electronics Association
合作伙伴 - CHPA
Consumer Healthcare Products Association
合作伙伴 - Microsofit
Technology Partners

合作伙伴 - MicroStrategy
Business Intelligence database and management reporting
合作伙伴 - NACDS
National Association of Chain Drug Stores
合作伙伴 - Oracle
Technology Partners

合作伙伴 - Retailisation
合作伙伴 - Source & Procure
Source & Procure
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