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Collaborative, Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management Solutions

Transforming stock-push into demand-driven supply chain models

NeoGrid Collaborative, Demand-Driven Supply Chain Management solutions enable collaboration among suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and their trading partners, in order to significantly improve competiveness and business results along the supply chain..

NeoGrid enhances profitability by synchronizing supply chains going beyond what you ever thought possible with exclusive visibility at points of sale or distribution centers, collaborative managed inventory, vendor managed inventory, sales and operations planning, distribution requirements planning and collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment.

We know that Retailers, distributors and suppliers want to be more competitive and profitable by being able to:

They also have complex organizational needs:

And they want solutions that are rapid to implement, easy-to-use and complementary to existing SCM systems to:

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NeoGrid Insights

EPOS visibility for suppliers and manufacturers, shared by distributors or retailers


NeoGrid Insights enables suppliers and manufacturers to obtain visibility of their products at distributors and/or retailers and gain valuable insight into what is really happening in their supply chain, by collecting, consolidating, processing, and reporting vital sales, inventory and distribution information. Time-sensitive material is sent directly to key decision makers, with instant access to critical performance information.

The solution makes use of robust, single-source, action-oriented business intelligence to:

  • Easily and quickly extract EPOS data from one source
  • Provide daily, operational reports at store or distribution level to the field staff
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with advanced tools to track performance

In order to:

  • Increase sales by reducing out-of-stocks, overstocks and phantom inventories
  • Obtain valuable information about inventory levels at distributors or retailers for fast and intelligent demand driven decision making
  • Optimize cash flow with balanced inventories and higher turns
  • Follow product trends, new item sales and days without sales
  • Plan and execute promotional campaigns

As a manufacturer, you’ll obtain:

  • Higher product availability at stores or distribution centers
  • Increased visibility into product performance
  • Better promotional compliance from channels
  • Visibility into the “last 100 yards” i.e. store execution issues
  • Improved collaboration with retailers or distributors
  • Standardized processes and client optimization

As a retailer or distributor, you’ll get:

  • Increased availability to satisfy customers
  • Reduction in stock outs and overstocks through balanced inventories
  • Greater insight into trends and consumer preferences

Vendor Managed Inventory – VMI

Synchronize your clients’ supply chains and balance their inventory levels so they don’t have to worry about being out-of-stock or facing overstocks.


NeoGrid VMI provides inventory and sales data of retailers and/or distributors, based on actual consumption, to suppliers / manufacturers, for them to manage their product ranges and be responsible for balancing their inventories and replenishment.

The cloud-based solution enables:

  • Suppliers to be responsible for the appropriate levels of inventories at their customers’ sites, using real-demand data for optimal replenishment
  • Identifying what, where, when, how much and to replenish for their product ranges
  • Reducing overstocks and out-of-stocks at the same time
  • Increasing inventory turns

In order to:

  • Accelerate the entire supply chain process by enabling suppliers to accurately replenish
  • Establish healthy, reliable and collaborative relationships with high levels of trust
  • Increase the level of customer service to generate end-consumer loyalty through available products
  • Optimize cash flow

Manufacturers obtain:

  • Product visibility at the points of sale, with detailed inventory and consumption data
  • Ability to demand forecast according to real consumption data
  • Optimization of production, order processing and logistics
  • Consumer loyalty with high product availability at store level

Retailers and their distributors gain:

  • Balanced Inventories leading to more sales and an optimized cash flow
  • Reduced time spent on sending orders
  • Improved availability and product range through reduced out-of-stocks
  • End-consumer satisfaction

Collaborative Managed Inventory - CMI

Building on the VMI co-managed inventory models, CMI opens up visibility even further, beyond the distribution center, all the way down to the store shelf.
Today, the biggest challenges faced by retailers and suppliers are:
  • Improving responsiveness of the supply chain
  • Reducing supply chain costs
  • Managing demand volatility and variability
  • Managing collaborative planning
  • Managing service levels
  • Managing sustainability

NeoGrid Collaborative Managed Inventory is proven to provide enhanced results on all these issues, through high-level, innovative solutions that allow suppliers and retailers to shorten the orders cycle for the same item, improving turns and availability, going beyond what you ever thought possible.

Typical challenges and organizational needs:

  • Many products at many locations
  • Low order frequency, for the same SKU
  • High values and costs
  • Events, promotions, seasonality
  • Negotiation per order
  • Relationship based on discounts

Common Goals

  • Maximized profitability
  • Product availability (always in stock)
  • Increased inventory turns and reduced level of inventories
  • Reduced working capital
  • Excellent customer service
  • Optimized assortments
  • Minimized markdowns
  • Decreased product holding costs
  • Visibility of inventory at individual store shelves

Key Benefits

  • Increased product availability and sales
  • Raised service level and customer satisfaction
  • Increased inventory turns
  • Reduced out-of-stocks
  • Enhanced demand visibility in the supply chain
  • Reduced operational work due to greater data analysis
  • Better supply chain management
  • Minimized costs

Advantages of NeoGrid Solution:

  • Truly demand driven replenishment
    - Only solution in the market that incorporates actual demand into replenishment processes
  • Information at store level 
    - Achieve visibility all the way down to the store shelf, no matter the size of the chain
  • Deep expertise, with consulting resources to help design replenishment policies and processes that enable demand-driven replenishment
  • Rapid implementation of simple, easy-to-use systems that are complementary to existing SCM solutions

Sales and Operations Planning – S&OP

Reduce the complexity of the planning process with multiple sources of information to improve business strategies and boost efficiency and results throughout the organization. 


NeoGrid S&OP provides organizations with integrated business management tools and processes that enable collaborative demand planning within the company, by synchronizing all functions of the organization to maximize efficiency and profit and ultimately to avoid inventory excesses and shortages simultaneously.

This SaaS-model solution provides analytics, forecast algorithm and further intelligence, including:

  • Sales roadmaps
  • Statistical forecasting
  • Special event management
  • Inventory assertiveness
  • New product development
  • Financials
  • Indicators that are influenced by several external factors
  • Dynamic processes with data management and workflows

In order to:

  • Forecast demand with high levels of accuracy
  • Obtain accuracy and precision in demand planning
  • Reduce overstocks and out-of-stocks at the same time, increasing inventory turnover
  • Solve conflicting goals across the organization
  • Make intelligent decisions to reduce lead times in the entire supply chain

At the end, the results are:

  • A unique plan and collaborative process
  • Demand forecasting with higher levels of accuracy
  • Reduced planning errors and consequently, reduced costs
  • Balanced inventories
  • More profit, with high inventory turns, without overstocks or out-of-stocks
  • Increased Service Levels to the market


Managing demand in a complex distribution environment, reducing overstocks and out-of-stocks at the same time, becomes a reality.


NeoGrid DRP is a solution for retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers, which takes into account real, daily consumption, inventory and event management to synchronize supply chains and balance inventory levels.

The cloud-based, rapid-to-implement solution allows to:

  • Increase visibility of the distribution process
  • Manage and balance inventories at distribution centers, identifying what, where, when, how much and to replenish for your product range
  • Forecast demand with higher levels of accuracy

In order to:

  • Reduce overstocks and out-of-stocks at the same time,
  • Increase inventory turns
  • Reduce storage costs / increase storage capacity
  • Reduced operational work and administrative costs
  • Reduce lead time in the entire supply chain
  • Maximize profitability and increase market share

As a retailer, you’ll get:

  • Improved product availability and variety of products with reduced out-of-stocks
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty

Manufacturers and retailers alike obtain:

  • Accurate replenishment at the DCs according to real demand
  • Balanced Inventories with nor excesses, nor shortages and with focus on internal distribution of your distribution centres
  • Optimized cash flow with increased overall inventory levels
  • Optimization of production and logistics

Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment – CPFR

Understand demand and make more efficient decisions about planning, forecasting and replenishment in highly complex manufacturing environments.




NeoGrid CPFR enables manufacturers to create a unique, collaborative environment among organizations that ensures everyone is aligned, taking into account performance and forecasting signals based on real demand, in order to balance inventory levels and generate a faster and more efficient planning cycle throughout the supply chain.

This SaaS-model solution allows users to focus on analytics and enables:

  • Setting and following indicators that help synchronize the supply chain processes
  • Dynamic processes with data management and workflows
  • Intelligent replenishment
  • Multidimensional vision and goals

In order to:

  • Forecast demand with high levels of accuracy
  • Reduce overstocks and out-of-stocks at the same time, while increasing turnover
  • Balance inventories according to demand, manufacturing and distribution
  • Make intelligent decisions based on the above factors to reduce time in the entire supply chain

As a Manufacturer, you’ll obtain:

  • Increased sales through reduced out-of-stocks
  • Reduced costs previously resulting from planning errors and overstocks
  • Optimized cash flows with higher inventory turnovers
  • Maximized competitiveness
  • Better service levels to the market

And retailers benefit from your results with:

  • Improved product availability for a variety of products
  • End-customer satisfaction and loyalty
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