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Have you heard about NeoGrid?

NeoGrid is a company which connects over 200 thousand companies through its business network and features innovative technology solutions in its portfolio to simplify our clients’ routine. Through its flexible and dynamic model, it provides integration of information and also of people.

NeoGrid, the power of a Global Network!

Why to work with us?


Improve customers’ competitiveness with the commitment to deliver quantifiable value by means of innovative supply and demand chain business solutions.


To be globally recognized as a leading company in Demand and Supply Chain Synchronization


• Win-win relationships
• Continuous improvement
• Financial, social and environmental sustainability
• Agility
• Frugality

NeoGrid Management Policy

We strive to use the best management practices to meet the needs and expectations of customers, employees and shareholders by continuously applying our values when fulfilling our mission.

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Agentrics is Now NeoGrid

1 Northumberland Avenue
Trafalgar Square

London WC2N 5BW
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