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Born From Retail. Created for the Cloud.

NeoGrid has been at the forefront of supply chain collaboration for more than a decade, helping companies balance inventory, minimize out-of-stocks, increase sales and find the right suppliers with which to partner. Beyond just software, NeoGrid delivers secure cloud-based solutions that are faster and easier to implement than traditional models — empowering retailers, manufacturers and distributors to quickly gain visibility and take control across domestic and global supply chains.

With over 600 people working in nine languages across 34 countries spanning five continents, NeoGrid supports some of the largest retailers worldwide. According to Interbrand (2011), NeoGrid supports clients from 23 of the 100 most valuable brands in the world.


NeoGrid originated in Brazil and extended its network across the world by acquiring Agentrics, known formerly as World Wide Retail Exchange (WWRE) and Global Network Exchange (GNX). With operations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, Agentrics now also operates under the NeoGrid brand.


Improve customers’ competitiveness through innovative solutions for supply chain synchronization.


To be globally recognized as a leading company for supply chain synchronization.


• Win-win relationships
• Continuous improvement
• Financial, social and environmental sustainability
• Agility
• Frugality

NeoGrid Management Policy

We strive to use the best management practices to meet the needs and expectations of customers, employees and shareholders by continuously applying our values when fulfilling our mission.


NeoGrid understands that the social development depends on actions in different sectors, such as education, environment, culture, among others. Those actions must not only reflect in the environment outside the corporation, but in the internal environment with the involvement of most employees. That’s why NeoGrid contributes to social projects in the communities where it is present and promotes the environmental education and social responsibility among its employees.
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Agentrics is Now NeoGrid

1 Northumberland Avenue
Trafalgar Square

London WC2N 5BW
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