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NeoGrid delivers secure, cloud-based Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions that are faster and easier to implement than traditional models, connecting over 350 thousand companies in a global business network, including nine of 10 of the most valuable brands. With close to a thousand employees working at our offices across in five continents, NeoGrid enables companies in over 60 countries to maximize profit by synchronizing and gaining visibility of their supply chains, from manufacturing and distribution to retail, based on multi-enterprise, demand-driven data, algorithms and information.




Increase the competitiveness of our clients through innovative solutions for Supply Chain Synchronization.


To be recognized as a global leader for Supply Chain Synchronization.


• Win-win relationships
• Continued improvement through removing constraints
• Innovation
• Commitment

Management Policy

Use best management practices to attend to the needs and expectations of our staff, clients and stakeholders, by continuously applying our Values when fulfilling our Mission.

Awards and Recognition

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NeoGrid contributes to social projects in the communities where it is present and promotes the environmental education and social responsibility among its employees. Moreover, Neogrid solutions optimize and synchronize the supply chain process end-to-end, which generates a positive impact on the environment by reducing excess inventories and, consequently, reduces waste. Other solutions generate dramatically reduce the use of paper in supply chain transactions, saving companies thousands of tons of paper per year.
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