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NeoGrid develops strategic eSourcing programs for direct and indirect procurement teams to identify and partner with the best suppliers through our secure, cloud-based sourcing software coupled with our global team of strategic sourcing consultants, so you can:

  • Immediately achieve significant savings
  • Experience rapid return on investment
  • Scale to grow your projects
  • Obtain sustainable results
  • Establish best practices



Focus on strategic purchases with our eSourcing software. Typically reduce costs by 5-20 percent and save 26 hours per RFx/Auction. Lower your risk with process enforcement and compliance.




Managing sourcing events is easier than ever with EzMarket – secure, cloud-based software for buyers and suppliers. Companies can quickly access sophisticated features to accommodate complex bids and follow-up analysis. While other sourcing applications sacrifice usability in favor of complicated technology, Global 1000 organizations prefer NeoGrid eRFx and eAuction because of its easy event creation and unique, real-time communication, which allow for higher user adoption.

  • Quick , easy and phased implementation, mostly up and running within days
  • Easy to adopt interface for teams and individual users
  • Full RFx functionality with offline supplier response preparation
  • Intuitive RFx custom weight and score, multi-stakeholder scoring
  • Multiple auction types with transformational bidding
  • Pre-formatted supplier proposal and bid reports with custom download options
  • Buyer’s suppliers kept private
  • Standardized, repeatable processes
  • Flexible fee structure

Strategic Sourcing Consultants  

Global Resources & Expertise

Do you need support in sourcing or want to enchant an existing one? 

Our professional services team offers various levels of support, from enhancing your existing sourcing program to building entirely new sourcing strategies for you.

Some of the services our strategic sourcing consultants offer include:
  • Sourcing program development
  • Comprehensive access to our resources and expertise
  • Event management from review, execution to analysis
  • User group training sessions plus best practice calls
  • Global customer support for both buyer and supplier users
  • Process compliance to 7-step sourcing methodology
  • Templates: RFx, Event Communications, etc
  • Category experience
  • Technology expertise
  • Project analysis
  • Event management
  • Final event report and analysis

ezMarket packages:

Task Area Key Task Activities Full-Service Coached Self Service
Category Overview Analyze and Review
• sales & market data
• supplier base,
• prior negotiation,
Determine objectives strategy, goals, responsibilities, and more.
Included Optional Optional
Supplier Identification Identify viable suppliers based on your specific requirements Optional with Supplier Discovery Services Optional with Supplier Discovery Services Optional with Supplier Discovery Services
Event Communications Prepare all communications for suppliers, internal stakeholders and more. Included Optional Optional
Event Creation • Create & Test event Included Optional Optional
Online RFx or Online Negotiation • Event Review
• Leverage Templates
• Monitor live event
Included Included Optional
Supplier Preparation • Supplier live training and mock event Included Optional Optional
Post Event Analysis • Review results
• Scenario Analysis
• Decision support
• Determination of Next Steps
• Export/format results
• Identify winner based on agreed upon criteria
• Provide results to Client
Included Included Optional
Support Respond to supplier/client questions and issues Included Included Included
For more information on NeoGrid Strategic Sourcing Solutions, please contact us.

Supplier Discovery

Pre-Qualification Services

Would you like to have, at the tips of your hand, world class sourcing capabilities, save time, reduce risk and gain access to the best suppliers for you?

NeoGrid supplier discovery and product sourcing consultants will find and prepare a deep portfolio of potential suppliers from which you can choose. Supplier diversity increases competition for your business and decreases risks in your supply chain.

We’ll custom match suppliers to your request, using a mix of our internal NeoGrid Supplier Network, other external databases, and our in depth market awareness so you can focus on your sourcing strategy and negotiations.

  • Custom search and qualification criteria based on your requirements
  • Identify new sources of supply for components, raw materials, finished goods or services and more
  • Discovery and exploration of new geographical zones
  • Pre-Qualify new business partners

Why you should use Supplier Discovery Benefits:
Risks for not engaging Supplier Discovery:
• Lack of competition
• Missed savings opportunities
• Weak portfolio of potential suppliers
• Supply chain breaks or supplier failures
Supplier Discovery Benefits:
• We are independent consultants – not supplier agents
• In depth market awareness
• We don’t just provide a database – every single search is customized to meet individual customer needs
• The NeoGrid Supplier Network: We have our own preferred database of potential suppliers
• No additional costs – just one fixed fee
We save you valuable time and enable sourcing managers to focus on what they do best: strategy and negotiations!
To find out more about NeoGrid Supplier Discovery, please contact us.

Supplier Network

Registered providers seeking new business opportunities

Do you desire bigger exposure, to be able to place bids for the biggest retailers, to compete on a global stage?  

At NeoGrid, we have our own preferred database of potential suppliers where our registered suppliers are guaranteed to be included first in every project that matches a buyer’s search criteria.

By choosing the NeoGrid Supplier Network for your product or service, you will benefit from the following:

  • Expose your product or service to new potential buyers
  • Be recommended first when new suppliers are needed
  • Gain access to the list of projects each month
  • View weekly snapshots of searches in progress
  • Update your profile online, anytime
  • Receive complimentary training on NeoGrid online sourcing tools and demos
  • Have 24 hour, 5 day a week, multi-language support
  • Access million dollar events for only $240 a year

Collectively, our customers conduct more than 10,000 events a year for thousands of buyers and sellers for a total spend in excess of US$1 trillion. We source 20,000 new suppliers across 800 different product categories yearly, which we recommend to our customers.

"The only limits to the possibilities in your life tomorrow are the buts you use today.” - Les Brown What are your “buts” for not joining NeoGrid today?

Join the NeoGrid Supplier Network by filling out our supplier registry form here. We look forward to welcoming you to the NeoGrid network!

Piqued your interest, find out more on NeoGrid Supplier Network, click here.
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