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The solution helps the team at Kellogg’s foresee and avoid problems before they happen.


- Lack of information about inventory levels at distributors/retailers
- Difficult to follow product tendencies, new item sales and/or promotional campaigns
- Out-of-stock, overstocks and/or phantom inventories at POS


- Obtain valuable information for fast and intelligent decision making
- Assure higher product availability at the distributors and/or retailers
- Reduce and balance inventories, with higher turns


- Reduction of 10 percentage points in out-of-stocks and phantom inventories
- More balanced inventories
- Developed a field team focused on identifying critical replenishment situations at stores and lost sales

“We develop and encourage a culture based on monitoring and evaluating criteria of NeoGrid Indicators in order to develop a field team that is focused on identifying critical situations in product supply, store system adjustments and loss of sales.”

Fernanda Santos – National Merchandising Executive – Kellogg’s Brazil

To overcome challenges, this client uses the following solutions:

Retail Insights

Retail Insights

Avoiding out-of-stocks or excess inventories and getting accurate information about products’ performance at points of sales (POS) is what manufacturers and retailers desire to know on a daily basis.

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