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Your company at the pace of consumers.

We are NeoGrid. A company focused on automatic supply chain management.

We are specialists in increasing product availability at points of sale while reducing excess inventory.

Why do we exist?

To ensure companies are at the right pace.

The pace of consumers is intense. Thousands of products must be available on the shelves of countless points of sale. In the right amount and at the right time, without shortages and excesses. Product turnover is a must to meet demand.

And to ensure the supply chain is at the right pace is our purpose.

We connect companies, from production to the end consumer. We organize the distribution of goods, deliver smarter decisions, and build networks where everyone wins.

How do we deliver value to our customers?

We collect information from hundreds of retailers and distributors in one network.

We use cutting-edge data and technologies to synchronize and automate manufacturers, distributors, logistics operators, retailers, financial institutions, and government at a single pace.

From small businesses to the largest companies in the country.

Intelligence for the entire chain.

What do we offer?

Solutions for automatic supply chain synchronization.

On an exclusive platform, we integrate companies from several industries, such as Agribusiness, Consumer Goods, Pharma, Electronics, Construction and Fashion.

We provide daily information related to sales and inventory levels at stores and distribution centers, from 2 million data points collected daily, based on connections among retailers, stores, and SKUs.

We are the largest DSR (Demand Signal Repository) for the supermarket retail industry in Latin America.

We align operations, distribution and inventory replenishment based on actual consumption.

All of this in order to reduce, at the same time, shortage and surplus of resources, as well as increasing the availability on marketplaces and a stock turnover.

A milestone in business integration.

We were born in 1999. Back then, the Internet moved slowly and was very expensive, but there was already a need for change in the software world. Integrating different systems from companies was required to ensure they could communicate. Creating a collaborative network to manage the flow of information and processes. Connecting manufacturers and retailers.

Miguel Abuhab, a founding entrepreneur at Datasul, noticed this market need and founded NeoGrid.

Along with the Internet, which enabled our connections, we have grown at a fast pace. There were countless acquisitions and partnerships.

We also went to other countries. We became an international company. We have expanded our market and innovated our technologies.

Always following the pace of consumers.Which is getting faster and faster every day.


Where it all started! Since then, our pace has only increased.
Market entry for inventory replenishment and planning management solutions
Market entry for solutions to integrate ERP systems
International presence of the company in the United States, England, Netherlands, and Japan
Neogrid emerges as one of the largest tax solution players in Brazil
Neogrid starts offering retail insights solutions
Consolidation of the retail insights market in Brazil with the acquisition of Bis and partnership with Nielsen
Technological platform unification and launch of new brand positioning
Neogrid and Accera merger announcement
Neogrid announces its Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Brazilian stock exchange (B3)
Neogrid acquires the startup Smarket to complement the portfolio of solutions for retailers and manufacturers
Neogrid announces investment in Horus, a market intelligence startup focused on consumer behavior
Neogrid acquires Arker, a pioneer in trade promotion solutions in the Brazilian market.
Neogrid acquires the startup Lett, a specialist in data intelligence in e-commerce and a reference in the Digital Trade Marketing market
Neogrid acquires Predify, a pricing solution through Artificial Intelligence

Neogrid Customers

Olimpia Splendid

Awards and Recognition

My Tech Mag

The Top 10 Collaboration Solution Providers

My Tech Mag


My Tech Magazine awards this honor to Neogrid due to its unique products and services in SCM.

Pro’s to Know

SDCE Award

Pro’s to Know

2017 | 2016 | 2015

Pro's to Know recognizes Neogrid in the category of 'Excellence in Thought for Supply Chain Leadership'.

Food Logistics Champions


Food Logistics Champions

2017 | 2015

Food Logistics Rock Stars of the Supply Chain Award: Recognized for contribution to global food supply chain

SDCE Green


SDCE Green

2016 | 2015 | 2014

The award recognizes Neogrid's best practices in developing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

SDCE 100


SDCE 100

2016 | 2015 | 2014

SDCE recognizes Neogrid for its flexibility and innovation in the development of software and solutions for retail.

Magic Quadrant


Magic Quadrant


We are in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for "Supply Chain Planning System of Record" and "Integration Brokerage" solutions.

Market Guide


Market Guide


Gartner listed Neogrid as a technology player in the Integration Brokerage and Trade Promotion Management and Optimization segments.

Neogrid Companies


Smarket is an intuitive platform for trade promotion management which makes strategic decision-making more fluid and secure.

Know more


Horus gathers millions of data points from actual retail purchases and accurate information about shoppers' profiles and consumption habits, generating insights for manufacturers and retailers to make decisions.

Know more


Arker is a pioneer in the Brazilian Trade Promotion Management (TPM) market, specialized in technological solutions that help companies automate the management of their commercial funds.

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Through solutions such as content distribution and monitoring of online stores, Lett brings brands and consumers together in order to create the ideal shopping journey.

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Predify is a platform that optimizes pricing for companies and products through artificial intelligence.

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Everyone wins when companies operate at this pace.

Consumers find their products. Companies work with no shortages and no excesses. And the world, with no waste.



We take responsibility for making it happen, seeking the best for all parties.



We are tireless in the pursuit of high quality.



We do what was unthinkable yesterday, so it is indispensable tomorrow.



We find simple solutions to complex challenges.

Global Presence

Neogrid Map
Neogrid Map