Your company at the pace of consumption.

We are experts in synchronising your business to actual demand -- by always making your product available to the consumer, at the right place, time and quantity.
We are Neogrid, a company focused on automatic supply chain management.


Increase the competitiveness of our clients through innovative solutions for Supply Chain Synchronization.


To become global benchmark for Supply Chain solutions and information for market intelligence.


Win-win relationships
Continuous improvement focusing on constraints

Management Policy

Using the best management practices to satisfy customers, employees and shareholders requirements and expectations by continually applying our values in order to deliver our mission.

Awards and Recognitions

Why do we exist?

We ensure companies are at the right pace for everyone to win.

Everyday consumers are more demanding. They set the pace you need to respond with the right product in the right place at the right time, with no shortages or excesses.

Our mission is to ensure your supply chain is fully synchronised with demand. We connect companies -- from manufacturers to the end consumer. We organise the distribution of goods, deliver smarter decisions and build networks where everyone wins.

How do we deliver value?

With a smart network based on cutting-edge technologies

We manage information from small businesses to the largest brands worldwide in an extensive, collaborative network, using use cutting-edge technologies and in-depth data analysis to synchronise and automate manufacturers, distributors and retailers in a single place.

What do we offer globally?

Solutions for automatic supply chain synchronisation

In a proprietary, cloud-based platform, we integrate companies from several industries, including Retail, Consumer-Packaged Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Fashion & Apparel, Electronics and DIY.

We provide information related to sales and inventory levels at stores and distribution centres, from millions of data points collected daily.

Our solutions align operations, distribution and inventory replenishment based on actual consumption.

We reduce product shortages and excesses and simultaneously, increase availability at point of sale, as well as inventory turns.

Neogrid is the largest Demand Signal Repository for the supermarket retail industry in Latin America.

O que oferecemos?

Our History

A milestone in business integration.

We were born in 1999. Back then, the Internet was at its beginning, but change was already required in the world of software: integrating systems of different companies and ensure they could communicate among each other; creating a collaborative network to manage the flow of information and processes; connecting manufacturers and retailers.

Miguel Abuhab, the founder of what became Latin-America’s largest ERP company, Datasul, noticed this market need and established Neogrid.

Along with the Internet, which enabled our connections, we've grown at a fast pace and have become a global player. We've expanded our market share and innovated our technologies. We've made numerous acquisitions and partnerships.

We always move at the pace of the consumers. And this pace is gaining momentum.


Global Presence

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