Vendor Managed Inventory

Synchronize with your clients’ supply chain and balance their inventory levels so they don’t have to worry about being out-of-stock or overstocking slow-moving items and you can adjust your production according to their demand.

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NeoGrid VMI provides inventory and sales data based on actual consumption of the company you supply to, such as clients’ organizations, distributors or retailers, in order to manage their product ranges and be responsible for balancing their inventories and replenishment.

Join the grid to have a truly collaborative supply chain that will boost your results and optimize your order and logistics processes, while also keeping your clients and the end-consumer happy.


  • 1 Not able to replenish the appropriate levels of inventories at their clients’ sites, using real-demand data for optimal replenishment based on a pull-model.
  • 2 Lack of forecast demand and cannot identify what, where, when and how much to replenish for their product ranges.
  • 3 Slow supply chain process and flow of goods.
  • 4 Lack of healthy, reliable and collaborative relationships with high levels of trust.
  • 5 Low level of customer service.
  • Benefits

  • For Manufacturers:
  • 1 Product visibility at the points of sale, with detailed inventory and consumption data.
  • 2 Optimization of production, order processing and logistics.
  • 3 Consumer loyalty with high product availability of their brand at store level.
  • For Clients, Distributors or Retailers:
  • 1 Balanced Inventories resulting in more sales and an optimized cash flow.
  • 2 A trustable relationship with the supplier, in which replenishment is not based on a push-model.
  • 3 Reduced time spent on sending orders.
  • 4 Improved availability and product range through reduced out-of-stocks, resulting in end-consumer satisfaction.
  • Get more information about the solution.

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