Why do we exist?

We ensure companies are at the right pace for everyone to win.

Everyday consumers are more demanding. They set the pace, you need to respond with the right product in the right place at the right time with no shortages or excesses.

Our mission is to ensure your supply chain is fully synchronised with demand. We connect companies, from the manufacturer to the end consumer. We organise the distribution of goods, deliver smarter decisions and build networks where everyone wins.

How do we deliver value?

With a smart network based on cutting-edge technologies

We manage information from small businesses to the largest brands worldwide in an extensive, collaborative network, using use cutting-edge technologies and in-depth data analysis to synchronise and automate manufacturers, distributors and retailers in a single place.

How can we
help your company?

Neogrid is the next generation of integrated supply chain solutions FOR LEADERS.
How can we help your company achieve supply chain excellence? First, choose your profile:

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Neogrid synchronizes the supply chain end-to-end, from production, over distribution to consumption – all to guarantee the efficient flow of goods all the way to the stores’ shelves.


Understand what your company needs for accurate planning and replenishment, according to real demand, and transaction data and information more efficiently.


Gain more visibility at points of sales to plan, replenish and distribute according to real demand; also transaction data and information more efficiently.


Become more knowledgeable about the right quantity and product mix to replenish, according to real demand, and transaction data and information more efficiently.


Benefit from easy negotiations with your manufacturers and distributors when planning product replenishment, according to consumers’ needs; also transaction data and information more efficiently.


Consumers dictate the speed at which the supply chain should operate, so they find the right products, for the right price, at the desired time and store.


Increase productivity throughout your company's processes, while reducing operating cost, errors and rework by enabling all players along the supply chain to exchange and map data electronically and information in a standard, consolidated, transparent and controlled way.

We offer integration brokerage and eSourcing software, which typically helps reduce costs by 5-20 percent and save 26 hours per RFx/Auction.  Lower your risk with process enforcement and compliance!

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EPOS Visibility

Manage supply chain visibility at point of sale with best-of-breed solutions, which allow retailers and suppliers to collect, manage and distribute vital sales, inventory and product information, in order to enhance transparency and facilitate collaboration through standard, automated and synchronized sales and market intelligence processes.

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Planning & Replenishment

Making the right decisions in Supply Chain Management can increase market share and enhance business results for all players along the chain. 

NeoGrid enables supply chain synchronization with our Global Demand Planning & Replenishment solutions, which bring true collaboration among manufacturers, distributors, retailers and suppliers to balance inventories together, all the way to the stores' shelves, without increasing inventories.

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Our History


While our competition is still catching up to cloud technology, the cloud is already in our DNA, fully contemplating the Nexus of Forces (Mobile, Cloud, Information and Social). NeoGrid pioneered supply chain solutions that enable companies to access action-oriented collaboration tools in a high-scale...

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