NeoGrid and Pure Birds Partner up to Help Build Sustainable Networks through Demand-Driven Collaboration

News published on 01/03/2016
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NeoGrid is pleased to announce its partnership with Pure Birds to add sustainable value to its clients.

Pure Birds is an “impact-driven company”, inspiring and challenging businesses to join forces for a more profitable, sustainable and innovative supply chain. 

NeoGrid solutions go hand in hand with Pure Birds’ proposition because NeoGrid software solutions act as an accelerator in becoming more demand-driven, end to end in the supply chain, through collaboration. 

Both help make companies more sustainable, for example, through reducing waste due to overstocks, especially of perishable products and reducing CO2 emissions if only the right products are being delivered at the right time in the right place, based on real consumption and collaboration among all business partners.

NeoGrid and Pure birds will be showing success cases of demand-driven collaboration to be more sustainable at IGD “Reducing Wasted Miles”, an event held on April 20-21 in Nottingham, UK. For more information, go to:

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